martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Treasure Hunt


You must find 3 parts of a code. The clues are below. The 4th clue will tell you how to understand the code.

I. The first part of the code is found at the Statue:

Line 1, word 2, letter 2
Line 6 symbol
Line 3, word 9, letter 7
Line 5, word 4, letter 3

II. To find the second part, you must go to a store called "Aina" and watch the PowerPoint presentation in the window.

III. Here is part 3 of the code:

· · · -

· ·

· - · ·

These are called "dits" and "dahs". Maybe Wikipedia will help you understand them.

IV. When you have the 3 parts of the code, go past the traffic light. At the 5th tall post made of wood you will find the clue to help you understand the code.

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